One of the three major cable “news” networks came on the TV screen. Under “BREAKING NEWS”, a banner with fast moving words flew by:

…the dismembered body. Police say the victim was hacked up and stuffed into a duffle bag……… In South Carolina an apparent suicide after teen sets himself on fire………New York: Boyfriend arrested for brutal murder of fashion designer girlfriend………Police say mutilated body found near Boston likely fell from airplane………Mortgage rates jump to six month high………

When I was a boy, breaking news meant President Kennedy got shot. Are these ticker tapes edited by morons? Does test marketing precisely calculate that this is how people want their breaking news?

Above two more banners with fast moving numbers, a talking head goes into great detail about the “Narnia” film franchise, the expectations of the investors, the poor showing of the second sequel, how was the target date decided for the new sequel and will it perform? She never mentions the content of the story or C.S. Lewis. The talking head she’s talking to then faces another camera  and announces that The United States is going to borrow 700 billion dollars  and needlessly give it to the already super wealthy.

Are we sure we know what we are doing? Two ill explained wars we can’t exit; Incivility and intolerance among Americans unseen since the 1960s. Yesterday a man stopped his car in the middle of a major intersection blocking all lanes of traffic in any direction; he was texting. Perhaps he was searching for the weekend boxoffice.

Can we do better? First, we need to find out: ………was the mutilated airplane victim near Boston an accident or suicide? Video after this (long) commercial break………

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